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8 ways to drive change in healthcare with digital-forward thinking

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The healthcare industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by the convergence of technological advancements, evolving patient expectations, and a dynamic regulatory landscape. So, how do you keep up?

It’s likely time to think about how a digital transformation can improve your digital healthcare tools, products, and services. If you’re looking to enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and remain competitive in an increasingly digitized world, you’re going to have to invest in making changes. We’ve seen digital transformation improve customer (and employee) experiences across many organizations and industries, but in healthcare, it can mean much more to a patient dealing with stressful health issues.   

Digital transformation strategies for evolving healthcare challenges

There are many ways to approach a digital transformation project. The healthcare industry has its own unique challenges to address. We’re sharing eight strategies to ensure a successful digital transformation that will improve patient experience and propel your digital healthcare tools ahead of the competition. 

1. Create a comprehensive digital strategy starting with research

A well-defined digital strategy is essential for enhancing patient acquisition and retention. A digital transformation investment can facilitate this by helping to integrate disparate data sources, prioritize seamless EHR/EMR integration, and conduct in-depth research to create a connected patient experience throughout their care journey.

2. Address fragmentation and poor patient experiences

Healthcare organizations often face a fragmented digital infrastructure, hindering seamless communication and creating inefficiencies that frustrate both patients and providers. This challenge can be addressed by unifying disparate systems, enabling seamless data exchange, and streamlining workflows, ultimately enhancing patient experiences and provider productivity.

3. Develop meaningful patient touchpoints

Nurturing patient loyalty requires creating meaningful touchpoints that foster a strong connection between patients and the healthcare provider. Investing in the creation of personalized patient portals, interactive communication channels, and educational resources, can help your healthcare organization foster patient engagement and satisfaction.

4. Embrace the consumerization of healthcare

In our digital age, consumers are used to seamless, delightful digital experiences. When they encounter a digital product or tool that doesn’t live up to their expectations, it’s easy to move on to the next. Digital healthcare tools should be no different. It’s vital to emulate the consumer-centric experiences patients encounter in other industries.

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This involves designing intuitive, easy-to-use digital experiences that consumers expect. By embracing the examples of those experiences and employing user research, you can uncover pain points in your digital products to provide a starting point on your digital transformation journey.

5. Invest in telehealth integration technology

The growing demand for telehealth services requires a strategic approach to integrating complex digital systems within the healthcare ecosystem. It’s vital to invest in integrating these systems and establishing a robust technological framework that supports seamless telehealth delivery, enabling patients to access quality care from anywhere.

6. Expand your organization’s reach beyond geographic boundaries

To remain competitive and expand your patient base, healthcare providers must strategically extend their reach beyond their geographic boundaries. By empowering providers to leverage telehealth capabilities, develop strategic partnerships, and establish a robust digital presence, you’ll attract and retain patients from a wider geographic area. Keeping in mind the importance of digital accessibility as these touch points expand beyond traditional, in-person care. 

7. Invest in technology training and expertise

Healthcare organizations are increasingly becoming technology incubators but often lack the in-house expertise to fully capitalize on this potential. Focus on fostering a culture of innovation, investing in technology training, and partnering with external experts. You’ll be able to unlock new revenue streams, drive growth, and improve patient satisfaction.

8. Embrace rapid prototype development

Healthcare organizations can accelerate innovation by adopting a design thinking approach and embracing rapid prototype development. Digital transformation can facilitate this by providing tools and frameworks for rapid prototyping, enabling healthcare providers to quickly test and refine new ideas, bringing valuable products and services to market faster.

Deliver best-in-class, patient-centered digital healthcare tools

Digital transformation is not only a technological shift; it’s a strategic imperative for healthcare providers seeking to excel in an increasingly digitized world. By embracing digital transformation, healthcare organizations can enhance patient experiences, improve operational efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Through a comprehensive digital strategy, a focus on consumer-centricity, and a commitment to innovation, healthcare providers can position themselves as leaders in the delivery of high-quality, patient-centered care.

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